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on 星期日, 17 2月 2013. Posted in Amazing ICE 奇妙冰雪, 自然奇观


Rising eerily from the frozen landscape, these strange shapes look like something from a science-fiction film. But they are here on Earth, frost-covered trees located close to the Arctic Circle, where temperatures can drop as low as -40C. In the dramatic sub-zero conditions, the snow and frost become so thick that everything is covered in a thick blanket.

The stunning shots were captured by Niccolo Bonfadini, who spent nine days camping alone in the frozen world, which is around 77 square kilometres.
The 21-year-old's images appear to show bizarre tendrils emerging from the ground, which is blindingly white.
He said: 'I was blown away by the otherworldly landscape, everything was white as far as the eye could see. Everything was frozen.
'It was incredible to see how ice would form on top of every free surface.

'Even my snow shoes and fuel bottles would be covered in ice if I left them outside my tent during the night.'
Mr Bonfadini, an environmental engineering student from Monza, Italy, sustained himself on powdered freeze-dried food during his trek and slept in his tent.
He said: 'I loved what I was doing. I love to go deep into nature alone, to feel the majesty and beauty of Nature. It is absolutely what makes me happiest.
'What made the trip harder than average was the fact that I was completely alone, I only met three people during my nine days. But I prefer it like that, I don't like crowds.'
Mr Bonfadini said he has had varied reactions to the pictures, many had found it difficult to understand the bizarre shapes were trees.
'Every tree was different from the others, they had weird forms, some had snow covered branches that looked like arms.
'With such a surreal landscape, it is easy to see how many tales and legends about trolls and other creatures could have been born.'

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